AARP signed on as co-counsel in a qui tam lawsuit

AARP has signed on as co-counsel in a qui tam whistleblower suit filed in 2006 against Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific who allegedly deceived the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to gain approval for biliary stents, which they then illegally marketed its off-label use as vascular stents. AARP is sending a clear message to pharmaceutical companies who illegally market their drugs and devices off-label with their involvement in this qui tam case.

“More and more people see the False Claims Act as a means of correcting years of fraudulent activity,” says Joel Androphy, partner at the Nationwide Law Firm of Berg & Androphy.

The education of the growing senior population is an essential ingredient in reducing the incidents of Medicare fraud. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that $9 million in grants have been awarded to bolster 51 Senior Medicare Patrol programs enlisting volunteers to educate seniors to recognize and report Medicare fraud.

The Obama administration recently warned that, due to confusion over the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, fraudsters are taking advantage of the Act to prey on seniors, whose Medicare beneficiary numbers are the key to billing scams that drain resources from the federal health program.

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