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The attorneys at Berg & Androphy have extensive involvement in prosecuting qui tam litigation cases. The firm served as lead whistleblower’s counsel in qui tam settlements with King Pharmaceuticals that netted the government and the whistleblower about $119 million, and with Pfizer that netted the government and the whistleblower about $46 million, both involving best price and Medicaid fraud issues. The firm, as lead counsel, settled a case with Rotech Healthcare involving Medicare billings for durable medical equipment. The government declined to intervene. The firm recently represented one of the nine whistleblowers in the record setting Eli Lilly qui tam civil lawsuit, an off-label Medicaid fraud marketing case, that netted the government and all whistleblowers about $750 million. The government will also receive an additional $600 million in criminal fines. Also, in national news stories recently featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and the cover of the Houston Press, the firm settled a military case that netted the government and whistleblower about $13.7 million. The allegations involved the alteration of expiration dates on food products sent to our US troops in the Middle East.

The firm represents whistleblowers nationwide in many large Medicaid / Medicare health care fraud cases as well as other types of cases involving fraud against the government. The firm handles all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the firm earns a fee only if it is successful for the whistleblower. The firm also represents individuals in white collar civil and criminal cases. Many whistleblowers with inside information may have civil and potentially criminal exposure, and decisions will need to be made about the risks of pursuing a qui tam case. The firm of Berg & Androphy has expertise in both qui tam and white collar matters. Joel M. Androphy is the author of books on both the False Claims Act/Qui Tam laws and White Collar Crime. Most qui tam law firms do not have this dual expertise.

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