Houston Medical Supply Company Owner Sentenced for Medicare Fraud

The owner of Memorial Medical Supply, Sunny Robinson, was sentenced on August 30, 2011 to over 8 years in federal prison after a 5-day jury trial for alleged health care fraud and anti-kickback violations.  Robinson used names and Medicare numbers of doctors and beneficiaries to falsify  medical records on false and fraudulent claims in excess of $4.3 million to both Medicare and Medicaid. He illegally obtained protected health information including names, birth dates, medical histories, and Medicare and Social Security numbers from individuals and home health agencies.  The information was used to submit false and fraudulent claims for “Arthritis Kits,” power wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, and incontinence supplies.  In many instances, the beneficiaries did not need or order the medical equipment nor did a doctor prescribe the equipment. Claims also were submitted for medical equipment that was not provided. Memorial Medical Supply even submitted claims for reimbursement to Medicare for equipment supposedly delivered to deceased beneficiaries.

Three co-defendants, Manuel DeLuna, Lisa Jones, and Shirley Chavis, also were sentenced for their roles in the fraudulent scheme.

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