Hurricane Ike: Joel Androphy Weighs in on the Costs

How much is Hurricane Ike’s cleanup really costing the taxpayer? It turns out that that costs may be more than you think for reasons that may surprise you. Joel Androphy weighs in on two examples “suspcicious” money trails following Hurricane Ike. See what he says about the following ABC News investigations that are currently underway.

Following the Money Trail After Ike
“It’s very suspicious. The circumstances,” said KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy. Read More

Are Your Tax Dollars Paying for a Family Affair in Chambers and Liberty Counties?
“If the public has a right to bid on a contract, everyone has a right to bid. Number one, it’s fair. It gets the government the best price. And it gives everyone an opportunity to compete,” Androphy said. Read More

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