Qui Tam Lawsuit Over Inferior PVC Pipe

A Qui Tam suit has been brought against J-M Manufacturing Co and Formosa Plastics Corp, the manufacturing company’s previous parent company. Four states, twenty-one water districts and twenty-two cities in California have brought the lawsuit following reports that J-M Manufacturing had been supplying sub-standard PVC pipe.

The suit accuses J-M of taking several “cost-cutting” measures, including producing inferior quality PVC pipe, filling supervisor positions with inexperienced workers and providing independent quality-testers with a higher quality sample of product than what was actually being provided to customers.

For cities using these PVC pipes for water management, inferior quality product means a bad investment in public infrastructure. John Hendrix, who worked as an engineer in the J-M’s product assurance department, blew the whistle on the manufacturing company’s product quality issues and was reportedly fired by the company a week later.

The suit states that Hendrix’s employment was terminated after he wrote a memo to upper management informing them that the tensile strength of the PVC pipe being supplied was below the certification agency standards provided by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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